Every day people all over the world
are dying to work.


Efforts towards advancing health and safety standards, and improving education and awareness, have resulted in a positive shift in our workplace culture. Yet each and every day, families, communities, and organizations continue to experience loss and pain due to preventable workplace injuries and fatalities.

Candace believes that until we achieve
zero injuries, there is work to be done.

We have the tools, why aren’t we using them?
We know the rules, why don’t we follow them?
We know the procedures, why won’t we practice them?

There is no magic wand to wave when it comes
to eliminating injury in the workplace.

This is a fact.

Each and every day we have the ability to do one thing safer. To choose safe over sorry – and to recognize that the first step in not getting hurt is knowing that we can be.

Candace addresses these questions and many more issues she has come recognize throughout her 17 years as a health and safety motivational speaker as integral to the health, safety, and change in culture within our workplaces.

Candace has a natural ability to rip stories from the headlines while integrating themes and language that are relevant to the industries and the audiences to whom she speaks. Capabilities such as these, combined with her ever-present sense of humour, contribute to her unique and effective style and message. Candace leaves her audiences compelled to reconsider their position on safety and empowered to take action!


Here are a few
outlines of Candace’s



Candace has learned what she believes to a crucial life lesson the hard way: ‘The first step in not getting hurt is knowing that you can be.’ She believes that avoiding needless injuries through day to day life and activities can be achieved just by simply realizing that the potential for injury exists.

Candace challenges the “invincibility factor” which, for her, is the most troubling hazard facing working youth – the belief that injuries won’t happen to them. In her one hour presentation, Candace speaks about her typical life as a university student, working summers to pay for school in the fall, and how one step in the wrong direction changed the course of her life forever.

Candace’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious, and through her many stories, she sends a message that reaches far beyond that of workplace health and safety. Candace encourages her audience to use their education, knowledge, experience, and awareness to expand on the importance of safety within their day to day lives. Candace inspires her audiences to ‘stand up for safety’ (both figuratively and literally) and to ‘say something’ when they ‘see something.’

Expected outcomes

Reduction in recordable injuries, an empowered student body/workplace that is inspired to keep themselves and their loved ones/colleagues safe.


Candace believes that “The first step in NOT getting injured is knowing that you CAN be.”

Her unimaginable experience dispels the myth that we are invincible; what you don’t know, in fact, can hurt you – lessons Candace learned the hard way.

Candace shares her very personal account about the day that changed her life forever, after suffering the loss of her lower left leg to an unguarded conveyor belt system.

With her ever present sense of humour and passion for her message she emphasizes that when an injury happens, there is rarely only one cause or contributing factor – emphasizing the countless opportunities to intervene in the name of safety.

In guiding audiences through her fateful day, she recounts her thoughts or ‘distractions’ and talks about her then subconscious belief that nothing “bad” could ever happen to her.

Candace’s presentation focuses on identifying the many contributing factors (insufficient training, unguarded machinery, unsafe culture, etc.…) that led to her injury, while assuming  responsibility for her own role in the incident.

Candace encourages people to take a leading role in their own health and safety! Encouraging them to embrace, and even celebrate, their right to an injury-free and healthy environment.

Combating complacency, and encouraging people to “focus on focus!” are key components to Candace’s message. Her story is a reminder that safety isn’t 9-5 – rather, it’s a state of mind, an attitude that we must carry with us throughout our day to day lives.

Expected outcomes

Reduction in recordable injuries, enriched safety awareness, accountability, an empowered and cohesive student body and or workforce.

See Something. Say Something!

We all know the right things to do to keep safe, so why aren’t we doing them?

Candace has developed a plethora of mantras throughout her 17 years in the safety industry – but none are as powerful, effective, or as energizing as her call to action for her audience to ‘SEE SOMETHING. SAY SOMETHING!’

By referencing the many contributing factors that led to her workplace incident, she ignites a desire in her audience to answer this call.

Candace uses her own experiences, and encourages her audience to join her by ‘logging into life’ and actively seek out situations where speaking up changes a life for the better.

Perhaps this is reminding someone to buckle up, or simply asking someone how they are doing.

Candace believes that it’s the little things done on a day to day basis that facilitate huge changes. By reminding people that until we achieve ZERO injuries, we can each do ‘one thing safer’ – a challenge accepted by audiences around the world.

It takes ‘Courage to care!’ Speaking up isn’t easy, and peer pressure isn’t something we leave behind when we finish high school – it’s a reality in our workplaces and can cause us to remain silent when our voices need to be heard. Candace encourages her audience to tap in to their “courage to care,” and to act on it, with the realization that each and every day, we all have the capacity to change a life – or maybe even save one.

Expected outcomes

Reduction in recordable injuries, a safety-focused, empowered, cohesive and engaged student body/workforce.


Candace now!