Candace is the leading light on enhancing safety cultures within organizations. She knows first-hand how a lack of safety in the workplace can change lives forever.

Candace works globally with safety-focused companies that rank the well-being of their employees above all else; companies that recognize that safety is top priority and commit to making it so – every day.

Candace believes that safety is an attitude, a state of mind, a way of life, and she shares her conviction that having the courage to care through standing up for others is a transformational concept – “If You See Something. Say Something!”



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Sharing stories saves lives.

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Return to Work …From Home

I will work from home with feelings of deep gratitude towards anyone and everyone out there on the front lines working to keep us safe. I will work on staying optimistic, while keeping those who have suffered great loss in my heart and prayers. I will work on practicing patience, knowing how fortunate I am to have a safe place to weather the storm. I will work on trusting the universe, and myself – knowing that this isn’t the first time my life feels like it’s been turned on its side, and it won’t be the last.

Day of Mourning – 2020

For today, on this Day of Mourning, I will hold close to my heart those who have not returned home from work. I will pray for those who have been left waiting for the hug that will never happen.

For today, I will leave a candle burning in the window throughout the day and the night in honor of those who aren’t coming home, and to light the way for those who are.

Start Slow to Finish Strong

Safety doesn’t have to be complicated – simply slowing down in life is one of the best ways to stay happy, safe, and focused on what matters most – being present and healthy to spend time with the people you’re really working for – your family!!

Because I Care.

One of the questions I am asked most often is how to communicate discomfort about a situation, or to call out plainly unsafe behaviour to a co-worker in a manner that will be well received.

Day of Mourning – 2019

Today is a day to remember.  A day to give pause in recognition of so many who lost their lives at work.  Those who died making a living. For me, it also signifies, and calls to mind, all of the details of the day that my life as I knew it changed.  I was one of the lucky ones who survived what countless others did not – I didn’t return home at the end of the work day, but I did eventually go home.  

Candace has a powerful personal story and lessons for life,

worth listening to.

Commander Chris Hadfield


There are many specific details that made Candace’s presentation a very worthwhile investment …beyond the spectacular feedback by staff and managers, I’ve seen an immediate spike in our hazard reporting and that trend continued throughout the year. We registered a 104% increase in our ratio over the previous year. People really took the key message to heart.

Evan Edbom

Senior Health and Safety Manager, TERA Environmental Consultants

Candace delivers a message with such a

positive passion

and enthusiasm that we could not help but be both affected and motivated. Candace was a definite factor in the success of the conference, and for that we are grateful.

Tom Parkinson

President and CEO, Hydro One

“Candace has spoken to our staff and managers that deliver direct patient care. She didn’t just make all of us stop and think, she actually led us to change a number of work practices that permanently improved patient and staff safety. Words and phrases used to describe her presentations were, life-changing, extraordinary and Candace’s messages are impossible to ignore”.

Jennifer Van Cleef

Executive Director, Clinical Support Services, HealthShare NSW