NEW program launch for NAOSH Week 2021

NEW program launch for NAOSH Week 2021


MARCH, 2021

Sharing Stories
Video On Demand



NAOSH week is my favourite week of the year (and not just because it includes my birthday!). This week is all about focusing our attention on the importance of preventing injury and illness in the workplace, which as you know is a matter I care deeply about.

After 20 years of speaking about workplace safety and sharing my story with organizations all over the world, it’s been my experience that if you want to make your safety message matter, you’ve got to make it personal.

Launching just in time for NAOSH Week 2021 is my new program, Candace on Demand, built to help companies get to the heart of the matter of why safety truly matters to each of us.

In honour of NAOSH Week, I have two special offers built to work with teams of all types and sizes: 


      • Remind your team why safety truly matters with my 40-min pre-recorded speech. Watch this speech with your teams at any point throughout NAOSH week to build buy-in, set the tone and mindset required for your additional training and activities. Includes 48-hour access and unlimited views for $1,999 CDN.”
      • After the speech, build momentum and engage your team in a live Chat with Candace (limited availability) Choose from one of our 6 themes or customize your own. Includes a pre-planning call to discuss your organization’s goals. $4,498 CDN (includes the 40-min pre-recorded speech).
Candace Carnahan


Secure your spot now!

We have 10 spots remaining for our live stream follow up Chat with Candace during NAOSH week 2021. If you are interested in the live Chat with Candace and/or Candace on Demand please email: to book or to discuss more customized options. 

While the pandemic may have changed my travel plans this year, it most certainly won’t stop me from getting my message to the hearts and minds of employees across North America. 


PS: Are you interested in something more custom for your team? Check out my calendar to book a consultation.

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International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day


March, 2021
  • International Women’s Day
  • Safety
  • Empowerment
  • #choosetochallenge


International Women’s Day 2021

Women are encouraging each other to speak our truth more clearly and loudly than we ever have before.  Now, when we see something that we don’t like, or something that doesn’t seem fair or feel right,  you better believe we are going to say something!    

As I always say, speaking up takes courage; that it takes courage to care, because it does.  You know what else takes courage – wading through the endless, muddy waters of a global pandemic!  Reinventing what your life looks like on the daily – even when it feels like every day looks the same.    


Considering how much courage is required to make it from sunup to sundown these days, I’m happy to report that in addition to being required, courage is also reciprocal!   Meaning the more you give to someone else, the more you gain in return! 

This International Women’s Day, send a little love to the women who have been helping you get going when the going has gotten tough.  I #choosetochallenge you to carve out a little time for your number one gal…. (hint: it’s you) – to do something nice for yourself –  I can say with great certainty – YOU DESERVE IT!

Today, I dedicate this post to the strong, beautiful and capable women in my life, with extra love and gratitude towards the ladies who are on my team.  The women who are working to manage me, as I maneuver myself through unchartered territory while they simultaneously manage gaggles of kids schooling from home, lockdowns, social distancing, on top of distance from loved ones…and that’s just the beginning.

Thank you for being you.  Thank you for all that you do, and for choosing to challenge me to grow, to step outside of my comfort zone, and supporting me every step of the way. 

Sarah Goodhope


Sara Colburne

Program Development     /Communications

Kaylee Hake


Jill Johnston

Graphic Design

Candace Carnahan
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Bell Let’s Talk Day

Bell Let’s Talk Day



Mental Health


Invisible Injuries

Today is Bell Canada’s “Let’s Talk” Day.  So, let’s talk.  

I want to talk to you about the injuries we can’t see with the naked eye.  I can easily remove my limb to offer you proof that I have suffered pain, and (thankfully) proof I have survived.  But all injuries and sources of struggle and suffering are not as easy to identify.  

Consider the millions of people who are living their lives with invisible injuries.  

Consider that perhaps these invisible injuries don’t have to be so difficult to spot – if only we could make the time to look a little bit closer.

Mental health is equally as important as our physical health – yet oftentimes the PPE required to protect our mental well being isn’t as easily accessible as it needs to be.

So today, I encourage you to “be the PPE”!  Offer your personal protection to someone else! 

If you are wondering if there are people around you who need your help, or if the help you have to offer could make a difference, I will answer both of those questions for you with great certainty.

Yes, and YES! 

That’s it.  It’s really not complicated at all.

Canadians have the opportunity to offer help to one another that will inevitably play a role in preventing an invisible injury from becoming more harmful than it may already be – or even leading to a physical injury.

Those of you who know me might have heard that I challenge people to do #onethingsafer

The concept is that if each person makes one small change we can accomplish big things.

Today, I’m throwing my #onethingsafer challenge out to everyone with a suggestion: make your #onethingsafer today to help someone else by doing one small thing.  Listen.  Ask how someone is doing.  Open up about your own experiences.

The mars and scars that live within us may be easier to disguise, however the effort to cover up is harmful in itself. Offering your time and attention to allow someone (who you know or don’t) to speak their truth out loud and share what is troubling them could make a lifetime of difference.

So, Let’s Talk.  

Let’s Listen.

Let’s Talk

Let’s Listen



Candace Carnahan
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Return to Work …From Home

Return to Work …From Home

Return to Work

From Home


SEPT, 2020


Return to Work




Typically, my Labour Day posts reflect thoughts around workers rights and working safely – topics that are now even more important than ever before  –  but today I’ll admit to feeling a little bit selfish. As I ponder thoughts about Labour Day, sipping my morning coffee,  all I can think about is how much I miss what I do.  I miss the cheers and the tears.  I miss the “check in complete” notification on my Air Canada app and emptying out my creams and liquids from my purse at security.  I miss the feeling of a new energy sparked within me, no matter how long the flight, the moment I grab my luggage and step out in a new city.  I miss sharing stories.  Most of all – I miss you.  


When we take a little time to allow ourselves to sit and “miss” anything or anyone – the upside is that we are reminded of just how much we loved what is no longer.  I am filled with gratitude that I love my work as much as I do, and I remain optimistic, always, especially during this pandemic that what is now missing will soon return – but, in the meantime?  Pivot. Pivot. Pivot.  


What has this unprecedented time allowed you to explore or create?  I have taken this time to work on the video series I have wanted to develop for years.  The book I have always wanted to write is coming along – slowly but very surely, and don’t even get me started on my “starter” – my sourdough game is strong!  But, we are humans.  We need interaction –  to connect.  While the abrupt “stop work order” on my travel certainly threw me for a loop, I am doing my best to enjoy the extended time on the ground.   Isn’t that what we’re all trying to do right now?  Make lemonade – more likely to be spiked, as of late ? 


I don’t have children, and I’m not going anywhere anytime soon, yet still I am constantly tuned into the news that is flooded with talk of return to school and return to work.  Discussions around safety,   trust, and risk have me feeling that I have more to say than ever before about safety and our responsibility to one another – to protect each other.  Considering the fact that I feel like I have so much I want to share with you, it’s also painfully obvious to me that I’m going to need to get comfortable with speaking from a different stage.  


The world we’re trying to work through and in, is one we’ve never seen before.  While the hazards and risks of just simply existing have drastically changed, the message remains the same. 


  • If you see something, heck yes, SAY SOMETHING!  We are living in a world where not wearing simple PPE could easily and actually kill our loved ones #wearadamnmask
  • Keep your guard up!  If there are no cases where you live, then all the more reason to play a small but extremely significant part in keeping it that way.  
  • Lead by example – I’ve caught myself heading down the grocery store aisle against the arrow to grab something I forgot, and I’ve stopped to remind myself of this one more than once!  I’m human, we all are, but with no end in sight to this way of life we have to work to stay disciplined. 


So today, tomorrow and for the foreseeable future,  I will work from home with feelings of deep gratitude towards anyone and everyone out there on the front lines working to keep us safe.  I will work on staying optimistic, while keeping those who have suffered great loss in my heart and prayers.  I will work on practicing patience, knowing how fortunate I am to have a safe place to weather the storm.   I will work on trusting the universe, and myself – knowing that this isn’t the first time my life feels like it’s been turned on its side, and it won’t be the last. I will do what it takes to continue to do the work that I love – work that fuels my soul and my spirit.  Last, but not least, I will work on figuring out how to make sure you don’t forget that your safety remains my priority…  even if my stage has turned into a sofa.


Pivot. Pivot. Pivot.

If you see something, heck yes, SAY SOMETHING! 
Candace Carnahan
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Day of Mourning – 2020

Day of Mourning – 2020

Day of Mourning


Let there be light



APRIL, 2020


It’s hard to know what to say, write, and feel about the National Day of Mourning this particular year when it seems like every day has been just that. Since COVID-19, and more recently the massacre here, in my home province of Nova Scotia, the experience of mourning seems constant.

Honestly, as of late, I am waking and choosing the peaceful piano playlist on Spotify over social media, and CBC… at least until noon.  I figure the bad news will be there then, whether I’m ready for it or not.

It feels unfamiliar to communicate to you in this tone –  one of some sadness and helplessness.  The words don’t feel like mine when I write them.  My feelings don’t feel like mine as I’m feeling them, but I suspect that when we are living in a world we can barely recognize, foreign emotions are to be expected.

While the magnitude of loss and suffering feel insurmountable in this moment in time – the collective gratitude and goodness continues to conquer. I see it every day.  Acts of kindness performed from a distance, making us feel closer.  Music being made and funds being raised to support where it’s needed – which is everywhere.  Candles being lit, music everywhere, hockey sticks being tapped (a truly Canadian way to show support) and pots being banged each evening – rallying for our front line workers who are tirelessly tackling this pandemic. 

Heroes.  That’s what they are, these brave people who are leaving their families at home and working tirelessly to protect us, hoping to return safely.  The reality is that in these valiant efforts to answer the call of duty to save lives, many are still being lost.

We hear it everyday, “we are all in this together” – and it’s true. We will celebrate with a hug when we are once again allowed to embrace our loved ones. 

For today, on this Day of Mourning, I will hold close to my heart those who have not returned home from work.  I will pray for those who have been left waiting for the hug that will never happen.  

For today, I will leave a candle burning in the window throughout the day and the night in honor of those who aren’t coming home, and to light the way for those who are.

For today, I will bang my pot on the porch at 7 pm for the safe return home of our frontline workers.  I don’t know if banging pots on a Day of Mourning is the appropriate thing to do –  but I do know that in a time where we may feel at a loss in knowing what feels “right”  – we still can do something, and that’s not nothing.




For today, I will leave a candle burning

Candace Carnahan

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